Jhonny Arteaga's Elite Soccer Program. JA Elite Soccer Academy is based in Connecticut and was founded by local professional soccer player Jhonny Arteaga, to provide club-conflict free elite soccer education. Year-Round soccer programs for all ages!








JA Elite Soccer Academy was founded by Jhonny Arteaga, to provide Club-conflict free elite soccer education to young athletes and teams. JAESA, is a private youth soccer player development company which offers club services, team training, supplemental training programs, select teams, camps, clinics as well as individual training. Jhonny Arteaga is a former professional soccer player who excelled at different levels of the game. He has succeeded in his playing career by being true to his passion and dedication for this sport. Jhonny’s main goal is to pass on all of his soccer passion, knowledge, and experience to today’s young athletes through JA Elite Soccer Academy.




Our mission is to provide our young athletes an elite soccer education in an enjoyable, safe and challenging environment to succeed on the field, as well as in their daily lives. Through JA Elite Soccer Academy, we'd like to inspire our players to develop a passion for the game of soccer while engaging in a healthy lifestyle. At JA Elite Soccer Academy, we will encourage all of our players to be great athletes by following their Passion and Dedication for the game of soccer. Our goal at JA Elite Soccer Academy is to provice a high quality training environment in which our players can develop their overall skills with excellent coaching, while igniting their passion for the game. 




JA Elite Soccer Academy offers elite soccer training/education to further develop the soccer qualities of youth of all ages and levels. With our unique teaching approach and coaching style, we emphasize the individual player development. Our specific training curriculum will help develop our players technically, physically, tactically & psychologically to progressively reach their maximum potential. Our coaching staff will always encourage our young athletes to have Passion, Dedication, Discipline, Respect, Sportsmanship, Confidence, & Self-esteem to succeed & enjoy soccer. These are personal qualities that our players will carry on for the rest of their lives.

      "At JA Elite Soccer Academy, we take pride in not only developing great soccer players, but also great young people"  


                                                  JHONNY ARTEAGA

                                  FOUNDER & COACHING DIRECTOR