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JA Elite 5v5 Adult Open League, Winter II, FINAL

San Juancito vs. Galacticos

San Juancito and the Galacticos went at it again for the SECOND time in a row in our adult open league final! Either team had no more than a one goal advantage at all times making it an extremely competitive with aggressive and skillful game play from both teams. Both San Juancito and the Galacticos fought hard till the very end, and we congratulate SAN JUANCITO on being the REIGNING CHAMPIONS of our JA Elite 5v5 Adult Open League (Winter II) for the second time in a row!

Think you have what it takes to beat San Juancito in their third go around? Send your interests to league administrators  Juan Zubillaga (juanz@jaelitesoccer.com) and Jorge Zubillaga (jorgez@jaelitesoccer.com) for more information on our upcoming season.