Jhonny Arteaga's Elite Soccer Program. JA Elite Soccer Academy is based in Connecticut and was founded by local professional soccer player Jhonny Arteaga, to provide club-conflict free elite soccer education. Year-Round soccer programs for all ages!


SOCCER STARS PROGRAM (3-4 year olds)



This program is an introductory soccer class, with our main focus on having fun with the kids while helping them develop their motor skills as well as teaching them the FUNdamentals of soccer. Our classes consist of color differentiation games, balancing excersices, running/coordination drills and a lot of GOAL SCORING TO GIVE OUR KIDS A BIG SMILE!!! 


Parent's participation during the class alongside the children is encourgared!


Please see below the details to our 2018 Spring season classes. The class will run outdoors, parallel to our K-2 (5 to 7 year olds) program on Saturday mornings. 




The classes will run for 8 weeks during the FALL.




Location: JCC of Stamford, CT (1035 Newfield avenue, Stamford CT)

Program dates: 
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*Soccer balls will be provided on-site for the class*




Contact us at:


(860) 415-3797