Jhonny Arteaga's Elite Soccer Program. JA Elite Soccer Academy is based in Connecticut and was founded by local professional soccer player Jhonny Arteaga, to provide club-conflict free elite soccer education. Year-Round soccer programs for all ages!






Our Town/Club team training gives the players, parents, volunteers and coaches an opportunity to experience our coaching philosophy and player development model. Our coaches will have the flexibility to educate players in different areas of the game. We will work with our players technically, tactically, physically & mentally, without overlooking our individual player development philosophy. Our main focus is on the technical aspect of the game, because this is an integral part of youth player development. We believe, without being technically sound, players will find it very difficult to succeed in a high level of competition. When running team trainings, we apply our specialized training curriculum and can simulate different game-like situations during practices to help boost our players' overall development. Players will always have the freedom to express themselves on the field, within their team. We will also help the players understand the roles and responsibilities in the different playing positions based on their current game format. 







Our Specialized clinics are a great way for players to experience what our programs and philosophy is all about. Our clinics, illustrate some of the programs we run all year round. It is very refreshing for a team or player, to experience our coaching philosophy and teaching techniques instead of those ones that they may be accustomed to. This is a big factor in the development and growth of each individual player as well as the team as a whole. We will run a variety of clinics, throughout the year, including: our technical “Skills” clinics, as well as position specific clinics to help you improve individually. Our clinics are definitely a great way to help you reach a level of competition that will guide you to success on the field.






Throughout the year we offer several camps for all ages and levels. Including: Holiday camps, winter camps, summer camps & preseason camps. During our elite soccer camps, our mission is to provide players with all of the tools to improve their overall skills, and for them to have an unforgettable experience, where they will have a lot of fun while learning new and challenging techniques. Our camps curriculum is designed for players to further develop their techniques in a fun, safe & educational environment. Players will work on different aspects of the game including: Foot skills, Dribbling, Passing, Shooting techniques and Speed agility & quickness training. The players will be divided into their current age group/level, to create a fun, comfortable and competitive environment for all. Our camps are a fantastic way to train with other local players, make new soccer friends & continue your player development.






One-on-one training is a great way to raise your overall level of play. Our experienced staff will design a specific training plan to meet the individual development needs of our players. Private training, allows both the player and coach to focus on the individual player development. In our positive & personal learning environment, we will educate our players on the correct dribbling, passing & shooting techniques, which will help maximize their individual development. We have the ability & knowledge to incorporate speed, agility & quickness training to our sessions. Our private lessons are available all year round. Whether you need extra training to prepare for your upcoming season, or need to improve specific aspects of your game while in season, we will arrange the best plan possible to meet your needs.

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